Hi! My name is Andrew.

Years ago I felt interest in illustration, concept design and sketching.

I studied different books and online courses. I practiced drawing like crazy, but there was no serious progress. Some drawings were pretty good when I was using approach from one book. But when I tried to apply it to another subject,  it was awful.

It had a feeling that I don’t know some key ingredients. Like there were crucial drawing principles, and I couldn’t find information about them anywhere.

The other day I said to myself: “I’m doing something wrong.  I must figure out what’s the problem.” Having enough money for a year of living, the next moment I just quitted my job.

Due to a burning desire to understand drawing, I started to structurize and analyze all information that I could possibly reach. I drew the same subjects over and over again using completely different approaches.

Gradually I discovered the underlying principles of formbuilding and linear perspective. I aquainted myself with the terminology which ties these principles together. And finally had got a consistent approach to perspective sketching and drawing.

Today I’m working as a full-time illustrator.

Initially, I wrote these articles to make my own understanding of drawing concepts more comprehensive and deep. But then I decided to share it with public. Why not? I hope this will be useful for you.